Returns Policy

Returns Policy

Please note that when you purchase goods from Demounters, Demounters excludes (as far as permitted by law) any implied warranty, condition or other term as to quality and fitness for purpose.

Notification of Defects and Return of Goods

You must inform Demounters of any alleged defect in or damage to the goods within two days from the date of actual collection or (where the alleged defect or damage was not apparent upon reasonable inspection) within a reasonable time after discovery of the defect or damage. Any such notice must specify the particular alleged defect or damage and must afford Demounters a reasonable opportunity to inspect the goods in question. If Demounters is accordingly notified of any defect or damage to goods and agrees that such goods are defective or faulty Demounters will (at its option) rectify the defect or fault or replace any such goods or credit the invoice value of the goods and any such rectification or replacement will be in full and final satisfaction of any claim by you and Demounters shall have no further liability for any loss or damage arising from the defect or fault relating to such goods.

Any damage to the goods shall be deemed to have occurred after purchase unless you prove to the contrary. No claim in respect of the goods may be made by you if the goods have been mixed by you with other goods or materials (whether or not supplied or sold to you by Demounters) or have been subject to any manufacturing process by or on your behalf and Demounters shall be conclusively deemed to have complied with its obligations concerning the supply of such goods.

Return of Goods

Demounters may at its absolute discretion, though it shall in no case be obliged, allow the return of goods by you within one month from the date of the purchase of the goods that you wish to return.  These items must be in resale-able condition If Demounters exercises its discretion to allow you to return goods.