Black And Decker Ka2500K 120W Electric Mouse Sander


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Achieve even surfaces and rust-free fittings with this mains-powered Black & Decker sander. When you’re giving an old chair a new lease of life, the 2m cable gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre round its edges and legs. The 9 attachments are perfect for when you’re alternating between different tasks, like smoothing over the seat rest, or adding intricate detail to the backrest. Plus, as the micro filtration dust canister vacuums up any debris, your work area is kept as clean as possible. And, when you’re tackling jobs that are higher up, its lightweight and compact design means it won’t be too heavy or bulky. This model comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty too, for added peace of mind.

Features and benefits

  • Mains-powered sander with a 2m cable
  • Easy to use thanks to a lightweight and compact design
  • Micro filtration dust canister keeps work area clean
  • Includes 9 different attachments